This is my sister, Tory. She met you at the secret session in RI. She got engaged tonight, and it would mean a lot if you could somehow acknowledge you know. She loves you a lot, and I know she’d go crazy if you knew she was engaged. You’re the one who taught us both to believe in true love.
To my fellow tumblr users, if you guys could reblog, I would really appreciate it.

taylorswift !!!! :D (congrats to your sister btw logan!!)


Look, I don’t care how old you are, your sexuality, where you live, or what music you like. Taylor Swift is a good person, and nobody gives her credit except us fan girls who tbh can’t really do much to thank her other than buy her stuff, which is GREAT. I love Taylor and I love buying her albums. In fact, I always get a version on iTunes and one in stores just so I’ll always have a copy, and I’m supporting her some more. Taylor’s writing ability is fantastic, and while you may be sitting here disagreeing with me, think; maybe you’ve never been in love, or been a music person, or liked pop or country, or like positivity and you think she isn’t real. I’ll touch on that last one in a moment, but here’s the thing. Especially if you are on tumblr I’m sure you post every once and a while about being yourself and accepting everyone and no bullying. Taylor isn’t hurting you last time I checked. There are people who have been in love, they love music, they love pop and country, and love positivity and optimism in a person. So if you’re sitting here hating on her, that offends a fan’s relationship history, love of music and so on. So idk why you hating on her. Now, back to a previously stated point. Taylor is real. She donates money, she is modest but FUN with what she wears. She doesn’t swear (on camera) but everyone does every once and a while and that includes her. She has two cats that she fan girls over just like other single women in a city alone with just cats. She has friends, and people she doesn’t get along with. She has a family and a brother and a hard history. Her talents just happened to fall into the successful rushing River of artists who have to be in the spotlight all the time. Has Taylor ever been in a headline for sleeping with a minor, smoking, threatening anyone? No. She gets in the headlines like “boy number 12848 who will she go for next?” So hold on. Taylor is a 24 ALMOST 25 year old women, who has been with 7 guys that I’ve actually like seen… But don’t quote me on that I don’t know her love life. And she said she’s had three solid relationships and she hasn’t been with a guy in 1.5 years (or 2.5) EITHER way. 16-24… 8 years and 3 solid relationships. I know girls who at 12-14 have gone all the way and legit had 15 boyfriends, I’m not kidding. Taylor is just over analyzed because she’s in the public and it’s really not even fair. But don’t hate, CUZ honestly, none of us know. We don’t know if she’s dating, if she’s making album 6, if she’s planning the tour already, if she really does hate Katy, if she is really that obsessed with cats :) but we do know that her music makes an impact on people such as myself. So while you may not like it, respect that it saves a life or a bad day. Don’t hate. And if you don’t want to, don’t love either but don’t wreck my idol, my beautiful idol down okay? Especially when we’re shaking it off and leaving you in the woods ;) taylorswift I love you <3